Hello! I'm karina.
Welcome to my portfolio.

terms and conditions

1. strictly no spec work.
what counts as speculative work?
5 minute sketchesworking without paytesting my skills
2. 50% upfront payment after accepting your commission
this is to protect me from disappearing clients
3. i will require a fee for rush commissions

4. all commissions are private commissions unless stated otherwise
i charge a higher commission fee for commercial commissions so it would be advisable to let me know if the commission request would be for commercial use
5. signing contracts
i will require contracts to be signed for commercial commissions
6. i have the rights to turn down your commission request

commission process

1. I will send you an invoice for half the commission rate upront when I am ready to make your commission. Once paid, I will start on the commission

2. I will send you lower-resolution, watermarked previews of my progress/WIPS to let you know where I am at with the piece. You are allowed up to three (3) minor revisions before the final piece.

3. Once finished, I'll send you a watermarked preview of the final piece. Then I'll send you an invoice for the remaining commission rate.

4. I'll send you the FINAL piece at full resolution without a watermark.

5. The Final piece, regardless of size, will be 300 DPI .PNG File and sent via a GDrive Link.